Web development is a broader term for website design encircling the website design, website development, online web applications and software etc. It includes website layout, text content, images, media files and other available data on the website server. Web development starts from the very beginning idea of the website and accomplishes after the uploading and publishing. There are several ways for web designing and development. In earlier days of web designing was prepared from html languages. Now there are several high level programming languages available to make a website such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP.net, Java and other. Besides this we can also develop a site with the help of web designing software like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Illustrator, etc.

Usually each website contains some or more pages which are called web pages. These may be static or dynamic. A static page is prepared and maintained by the manual operating of website while the dynamic pages are built from programming and generates from direct database and client’s request which are handled by the server side scripting languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

Usually a website may use one or more techniques and disciplines to prepare its content pages and database as markup languages (HTML, XHTML, XML), scripting languages (PHP, ASP, Java), database technology (MySQL), multimedia including animation, audio, video and graphics)

Web design is a vast area and covers approximately all the aspects of online publishing. Web design work is prepared in a step-by-step program which starts from website planning and follows the market analysis, website programming, basic structured layout and final graphical output of content and data and its publishing on the web.

In today’s world of open source technologies, we can also build a website from open source software and programs which are available free on the net. We can build new websites and designs by customizing them as example wordpress, joomla, drupal, moodle, phpBB, eZpublish and so on. These are available with thousands of themes (graphical designing and layout) and plug-ins or module by which we can explore new possibilities of an open source without having much knowledge of web designing.