Visual Basic (or VB) is a programming language of Microsoft and was developed in the beginning of the last decade in 20th century for its COM programming model, graphical user interface (GUI) applications and rapid application development (RAD). Visual Basic is derived from BASIC languages and is enable to use database through Data Access Objects, ActiveX Data objects and Remote Data Object as well as it can create and control ActiveX objects. Now it is available as Visual Basic.Net covering all the latest updates.

Visual Basic is developed to learn and programming by drag-and-drop technique with minimum efforts in coding. We can builds forms, queries and complex applications with the help of Visual Basic and can control their attributes and event functioning. VB also can create .exe files, .dll files or ActiveX Control and is used to develop Windows applications and software. Visual Basic can maintain large database and is used to handle the database management through its applications. It works through Visual Basic Compiler which is shared with C and C++ languages.

Initially it was developed to build the Windows application but later it was extended in several new languages like ASP.Net, Visual Basic for Applications (or VBA), VBScript, Visual Basic .NET, StafOffice Basic and Gambas (this is an open source language). ASP.NET is a prominent server side scripting language for web applications as well as online software and is being using extensively worldwide. VBA is an extension of VB and is used to develop AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, ArcGIS etc. VBScript is used in Windows scripting and client-side webpage programming. Although it is the default languages for ASP (Active Server Page) but it is quite different from ASP.NET. Visual Basic .NET is an updation of Visual Basic and is a part of .NET platform which is used to develop applications. StafOffice Basic is developed by Sun Microsystems and is a Visual Basic compatible interpreter.