C is a general purpose computer programming language which was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 for the UNIX operating system. Initially it was developed for developing the system software but now it is used to design all types of software and is the one of the most popular programming languages. C language was developed with the features of an earlier programming languages named “B” therefore it was titled as C and now it is a well known name fro each individual related to computer or programming languages.

cC can also be defined as a compiler which interprets the human commands into machine instructions and helps to operate the machine. It is the only language which has been got world wide popularity among software developers as it provides full functionality to create new platforms as well as making application and system software. It is used from personal computer to supercomputers to develop the computer software. Today it has been become a necessity of maximum programs and maximum software developers due to it works as compiler to interact with system.

C facilitates for structured programming and allows the user for lexical variable scope and recursion. In C, function parameters are passed by value and all executed codes are contained in functions. Generally C contains the characteristics:

  • Variable may be hidden in blocks
  • Characters may be used as integers
  • Converts machine addresses to typed pointers and provides low-level access to computer memory
  • Function and data pointers supporting
  • Array may be indexed as secondary notion or can be defined in terms of pointer arithmetic
  • Provides complex functionality like I/O, string manipulation and mathematical functions
  • Has a large number of compound operators like +=, ++, *=, etc.
  • Can be used as compiler

The most prominent feature of C is its rich set of operators like arithmetic (+, -, *, /, %), assignment (=), bitwise logic (~, and, |, ^), Boolean logic (!, and and , ||), conditional evaluation, equality testing (==, !=), function argument collection (( )), object size (sizeof), subexpression grouping (( )) and so on, which provides full functionality in the coding.